President Marty Iverson
Vice President Jim Staudt
Treasurer Jeanne Lubbert
Secretary Elise Radawitz
Board of Director Dennis "Buddy" Mechenich
Board of Director Dennis Kenealy


Land O' Lakes Baseball Dave Dieball and Tom Dieball
Youth Baseball/Softball Buddy Mechenich (
Men's Softball Eugene Dost 262-309-5445
Maintenance of Fields Dave Dieball, TJ Dieball and Mike Janichek
Maintenance of Building Earl Cull 262-966-2284
Park Cleanup Terry Kozuh
Chief Cook Bob Lubbert
Concession Stand-Food Wanda Dieball
Concession Stand-Beverages Earl Cull
Uniforms/Equipment Buddy Mechenich
Volunteer CoordinatorJessie Dieball
Umpire Coordinator
Field Coordinator
ChickenFest Earl and Dawn Cull
Development Webmaster Aaron Gember-Jacobson